What exactly does this policy cover?

The policy covers Accidental Death on an airplane. Beginning from the time you board until the time you disembark.

I have Life Insurance, aren’t I already covered with that policy?

Yes, you are. As experienced Insurance providers, we always feel you should be adequately covered to protect your family. Unfortunately, most people don’t have enough coverage. An Airsurety policy supplements your life insurance policy and provides an affordable way to get increased coverage.

Don’t I have this coverage through my Credit card company?

Each card company offers different plans of coverage, so you will need to verify that with your card company. Some finer details specify that travel must be booked with that card and it only covers the member named on the card. That would exclude other family members or if for example, a company booked your business trip.

Is every airline covered?

Coverage for common carriers only. Below is a list of airlines that meet the criteria.

IOSA approved: https://www.iata.org/en/programs/safety/audit/iosa/registry/

EU Allowed: https://ec.europa.eu/transport/modes/air/safety/air-ban/search_en

FAA Endorsed: https://www.faa.gov/about/initiatives/iasa/ and https://www.transportation.gov/policy/aviation-policy/certificated-air-carriers-list

If something happens to me how will my family file a claim?

We strongly suggest that you name a trusted family member, friend or advisor in the emergency contact section provided upon receipt of your purchased policy. That person will get an email notifying them that you have purchased an Airsurety policy and will direct them to a link in case there should ever be a claim.

Do you store my credit card number?

We partner with Stripe a leading credit card processing company. All credit card information is processed and stored ONLY by Stripe. Airsurety does not store credit card information.

Does this policy cover terrorism?

Yes, terrorism is included in this policy